Return Policy 退換政策

Return policy

Thank you for choosing Masters Racket. Once sales orders are confirmed (both online and offline), we do not accept returns for refunds or exchanges. Please ensure that you have carefully reviewed your order prior to finalizing your purchase. Or else, you may come to our store to choose your purchase. If you choose to pick up at store, all exchange requests have to raise on the spot. Again, no refund is accepted.

If you have questions regarding to sizing or product specification, we are more than happy to assist. Please contact us at


Masters Racket reserve the right to amend the content of this policy without prior notification.  Any revised version of these Terms and Conditions shall be effective as at the date of publication on this website and shall apply to all Orders received thereafter.



多謝您選購 Masters Racket的產品和服務。當你在我們的網站 (“本網站”) 或門市進行購物,所有現貨產品,貨物出門,恕不退換。如閣下選擇順豐送貨,如貨品有任何問題, 除寄錯貨外, 均不設退換, 如對產品質量有要求, 請親臨門市取貨及檢查貨品。如選擇門市取貨,如產品不合可更換尺碼或換款,必須即時提出,並不設退款。如對貨品有任何查詢,歡迎與我們聯絡


Masters Racket保留修改本政策的權利而不需給予任何通知,本條款與細則的 任何修訂版本將在 此網站公告後即刻生效,並適用於其後接受的所有訂 單。