Shopping Guide 購物流程指南


Shopping Guide

If you are looking for your favorite products, you can browse by a product category from the menu or use the search bar at the top of our website.

You can place a selected product to your the shopping cart and choose to continue shopping.

The order amount of each transaction cannot be over HK$10,000.00.

Once you have all the products you wish to purchase, click shopping cart at the top right corner of the page and you will be directed to the checkout page on which you can enter your shipping information and make the payment.

Cancelling Orders

Order "Awaiting Payment": you can cancel such order within 6 hours of submitting it, otherwise, such order will be automatically canceled after 6 hours.

Order in the status of "Order Confirmed" or "Preparation in Progress": please contact us at to confirm whether such order can be cancelled.

Order in the status of "In Transit": the products you purchased have been shipped and cannot be canceled. You may refuse the package at the time of delivery and contact us to process the refund.








「等待付款」狀態的訂單:您可以在提交後的 6 小時內自行取消,或者在 6 小時後由系統自動為您取消。