Shipping Policy 運送政策

Hong Kong Local Shipping

Door to door delivery:

All HK local order will be delivered by SF Express. All Hong Kong local shipping orders under HK$500 is paid on delivery. Free Hong Kong local shipping will be provided for orders over HK$500 (** Excluding tennis balls). All delivery will be arranged within 5-days after the payment is confirmed. It would take 7-days calendar days for pre-order items. We expect that delivery takes around 2 - 4 working days based on local SF Express service under normal situation.

Self-collection S. F. Store / selected convenience store:

Once the products you ordered are delivered to the convenience store or S. F. Store as you designated, SF will send you a SMS notification of collection and keep the products for 3 days. If the products are not yet collected on the 3rd day, we will temporally store them in a S. F. Store and contact you for redelivery; if the order fails to be delivered/collected on the 5th day, it will be automatically cancelled, the products will be returned to Masters Racket as undeliverable, and any amount you have paid will be refunded to your account.

Pick up at Masters Racket:

We will contact your for collection and keep the products for 5 days. If the products are not yet collected on the 3rd day, we will make a call to you as final reminder. If the order fails to be collected on the 7th day, it will be automatically cancelled, any amount you have paid will be refunded to your account.

EF Locker & consolidated shipping: EF Locker & addresses for consolidated shipping are currently not accepted. Those orders will be cancelled without further notice. After the order is cancelled, we will offer a full refund on the amount you paid.

If the products are returned to us due to conflict between the delivery address and the address you filled in, no shipping charge can be cancelled / refunded, but you will be issued a refund for such products.

We will not purchase any insurance for all delivery orders (both local and overseas). The customer is responsible for the loss of shipping by himself/ herself.


Oversea shipping:

We only provide limited service for International Shipping, extra 10% administrative charge will be billed. For enquiry, please contact us at


Local Tax Responsibility:

All prices listed on our e-store are net prices for the items, and any applicable local taxes, including sales tax, VAT, or customs duties, are not included. We kindly ask our customers to understand that these taxes vary depending on the jurisdiction and are the responsibility of the person who purchases the item. Therefore, any local taxes or import duties imposed by the destination country or region are to be borne by the buyer. It is important to consider these additional costs when placing an order, as they may be required at the time of delivery. We strive to provide transparent pricing and ensure a smooth shopping experience for our valued customers. 




所有香港本地訂單將由順豐快遞 (SF Express) 發貨。所有港幣$500或以下的香港本地運送訂單,均為到付(可送到順豐門市 / 工商地址 / 鄰近便利店)。港幣$500以上的香港本地運送訂單,將由 Masters Racket 包郵 (不包括網球)。配送範圍目前限於香港地區的工商住宅地址(禁區除外) 。所有現貨將在付款確認後的 個日曆日內寄出,而預購產品則會在 7 個日曆日內安排。預計在正常情況下,本地運送服務需要大約 2 - 4 個工作日 (取決於運送服務提供商)。若我們為你連續配送兩次皆無法與你取得聯絡,該訂單將自動取消,你的貨款會退回至你的帳戶。

順豐門市 / 便利店自取:

產品由順豐速遞配送至你提交訂單時所選擇的便利店或順豐門市,由你自取。在你訂購的產品配送至你指定的便利店或順豐門市後,順豐會保留你的產品 3 天,並在此期間發送「取貨提醒」短訊給你。若第 3 天你仍未提取產品,本訂單會於順豐門店暫存快遞,並以電話方式聯絡你安排再次派送;如果至第 5 天仍未派送成功,本訂單將自動取消,產品將被收回。你的貨款亦會退回至你的帳戶。

Masters Racket門市取貨:

訂單確認後,我們會保留你的產品 3 天,並通知您到店取貨。若第 3 天你仍未提取產品,我們會再以電話方式聯絡你作最後確認。如果至第 5 天您仍未到店取貨,本訂單將自動取消,不會再保留產品。若你已經付款, 你的款項會退回至你的帳戶。



智能櫃及轉運集運: 目前暫不接受智能櫃及轉運集運等貨倉或相關倉庫地址。一經發現,你的相關訂單取消將會被取消並不另行通知。我們將全額退回所有被取消的訂單已繳付的款項。

如你選擇的地址與實際配送地址不同,導致配送受到影響且產品遭退回,則這種情況下我們將無法取消 / 退還運費,但不影響你購買的訂單退款。



海外運送 (包括中國、澳門、台灣)

只捉供有限度海外配,並需付額外 10% 的行政費用。如有疑問,請與我們聯絡